The Importance of pH Testing to Ensure Successful Cannabis Growing

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A successful harvest is dependent on providing the right nutrients to your cannabis plants. Even if you are using the best nutrients, your plants won’t be able absorbing them properly if it isn’t pH balanced. This guide will take a closer look into the importance of pH testing when growing cannabis.

What is pH?
Let’s discuss pH first. pH, which is measured on a scale 0-14, indicates the acidity/alkalinity of a solution. A pH value of 7 or more is neutral. Any pH below 7 is acidic. Any pH above 7 is alkaline. The pH level of your hydroponic medium (soil/coco-coir/hydroponic) is vital for cannabis cultivation. It affects the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Why is pH important in cannabis growing?
The pH range cannabis plants can absorb nutrients most effectively is known. The ideal pH range to grow cannabis is between 6.0 and 7.0. You can make your plants less able to absorb nutrients if you have a pH too high or too low.

How to Test pH
It is easy and necessary to test the pH levels of your growing media. To measure the pH of your growing medium accurately, you can use a pH measuring kit or pH meters. Begin by taking a small piece of your growing media and mixing it with distilled. Then dip the pH tester or testing kit in the solution. You’ll need adjust the pH level to make sure it doesn’t exceed the ideal range.

How to adjust pH
It is very easy to adjust the pH level of your medium. If your pH level becomes too high (alkaline), add vinegar or citric to lower it. If the pH level drops to an acidic level (acidic), it can be raised by adding baking soda, potassium hydroxide or other bases. Keep testing the pH levels until you get to the ideal level.

In conclusion
To grow cannabis successfully, you must maintain the proper pH level of your medium. The best way to make sure that your plants grow strong and healthy is to test the pH level of the medium and adjust it as necessary. The cost of a quality pH tester kit or pH meter will save you both time and money.

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